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E-ON HRM will help you track and evaluate the behavior, performance and activities of your employees and make more informed decisions. Just what you need in the present times of economic instability. You will enjoy a full featured Human Resources Management System as you know it and much more.


Collaborative Environment

E-ON HRM is a powerful true collaborative working environment accessible to all your employees from anywhere (home, office, out of town).

Integration & Automation

It bridges the gap of many isolated applications and several knowledge based approaches which – until today – have been typically reflected in the form of paper reports and manual procedures.


It is flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your business. Add users as you go or more sites, or use more of the software functionality. All these without the need for specialized IT personnel to set them up.

Workflow Functionality

E-ON HRM not only covers your traditional HRM functionality but it goes beyond this as a workflow management tool that allows managers and employees to track the progress of specific activities like Appraisals, Leaves, Expense Reports etc.

A Web Portal

The intro page is an entry point to all services provided to your employees. It is personalized for each person, in terms of length and type of content.

Content can be adjusted to your specific needs and include:

Latest documents and circulars that apply to each person’s specific profile, ,
Pending activities and tasks,
RSS content.

A Business Tool

E-On HRM streamlines and automates all your processes and controls concerning your Human Resources Management. In this sense it is a tool that ensures that business objectives are met. It is also a tool to help planning and decisions that are critical to your overall operational and strategic business plans.

Your Benefits

Streamlined and automated Human Resources Management.

Integrated on-line functionality throughout your organization.

All your personnel information and all their activities stored in one central point.

24X7, anywhere, anytime access to your HRM platform from one single Web Portal. </b>]

A self-service HRM solution delivered through a web browser..

A consistent HRM strategy across your organization.

No upfront expensive investments for software purchases, no costs for releases or updates.

Monthly pay as you go subscription.

Human Resource Management
E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM: A full featured solution for the organization and management, the tracking and evaluation of your personnel. A Self Service solution that offers much more than other competitive solutions.
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A Strategic Business Tool
E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM: An operational tool that automates and streamlines all processes and controls relating to the management of your human resources. That ensures that you will achieve your business goals. That will support critical decisions on all operational and strategic business planning.
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Why a Software as a Service Solution
Because your business will enjoy more benefits from such a solution.
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Show me E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM
Contact me the soonest possible for a demo of E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM.
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