E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM - Advantages of a Software as a Service solution

E-On HRM is a true cloud Software as a Service solution. Application software that is internet accessed as a Service. No software installations of any kind on servers or PC's. No upgrades or new releases.

It offers an invaluable contribution of benefits to your business whether it is big or small, whether your people are mobile acrosss locations and need services on 24x7 basis. No one of its users needs to have any software on their PCs or local servers in their hub office locations.


24X7 Anywhere Anytime Access

It is available on the web 24 hours, seven days a week. Your employees are actually able to use it on a self serve basis and be responsible for posting their own information and data with no restriction of location or time.

Cost Effective

You just pay a low subscription fee per user and all the system features are one click away. No more fixed costs per year or per month for your software. No more paying for Hardware, for IT services and for Licenses. No more paying for higher editions of your software if you need more users. .

Real Value to Your Business

You pay less and you get more than with traditional on premise solutions. Consider that HRM systems usually need multiple applications accross departments and locations that take a lot of integration efforts. Consider also your IT costs and compare all these to the price of E-ON HRM which is predictable and manageable.


No Security issues to concern you. E-ON HRM is hosted in a Data Center that complies to all security measures and rules. The system infrastructure is based on robust IBM Technologies. Your transactions and data are secure through encryption and strong authentication techniques. We are responsible for the safety of your data and we take Back ups on a regular basis.

Human Resource Management
E-ON MyWorkPlace HRM: A full featured solution for the organization and management, the tracking and evaluation of your personnel. A Self Service solution that offers much more than other competitive solutions.
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Process Management
E-ON MyWorkPlace Processes: Create, manage, monitor and optimize now all your business processes.
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Questionnaires / Surveys
E-ON MyWorkPlace Surveys: Create, manage and monitor all kinds of surveys or questionnaires.
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