Business and Financial Suite "eon-demand" for Accountants
"EON-DEMAND" Applications for Accountants

For you the Accountant

24Χ7 internet access to your clients accounting books from anyplace and anytime.
Manage the financial datails of all your clients from a unique “work environment” through your web browser.
Reduce time wasted on travel.
Get new customers without geographic restrictions. Explore new markets.
Reduce the need to get paper files or disparate electronic files in various software versions from your customers.
Get immediate on-line information to help you give advice to your clients.
Get reliable support from us, your software provider.

For your Clients

They have access to their financial management anytime and anyplace from a single "work environment" through a web browser.
They can easily create orders and invoices.
Increase productivity with standardized forms of invoices, orders etc.
Clear Contract for the Provision of Services that may be cancelled any time.
Web collaboration environment between points of sales, suppliers and customers.
Flexible creation of reports.
They enjoy better support and quality services from their accountants.
Reliable support services from us, the software provider.

Benefits for All

No more duplicate entries. All documents automatically update the accounts.
The same common «work environment»
Reports and statements of Accounts that are clickable.
Provision of services (e.g. new releases) and support through the internet from us, the software provider.
No investment in equipment and software. Only a small initial start-up cost for activation.
Minimum time for transition from other systems and initial configuration.
There is no need of any future migration of data either from the Accountant or the Client.
Improvements and extensions or new versions of the system are AUTOMATICALLY available to all users.
Low requirements for the client (user PC)

Measurable savings on resources and costs

90% reduction in paper for faxes, photocopies, paper invoices.
90% improvement in flows - manual procedures (retyping data on paper).
Reducing energy consumption for data center air conditioning and heavy servers. This can reduce electricity bills by 50% to a medium-sized enterprise.
Reduce travel of employees and accountants. Improve working conditions. One day a week, work from home!
Reduce turnaround capital. Reduce time and quantities of orders, reduction in inventories.
Improve Customer service.
We base our success on your business bottom line results.

Ε-ΟΝ RIX Business and Financial Suite has been awarded as Best Industry Solution at Lotus Awards 2008 , it was a finalist at Beacon Awards 2010 as Cloud Computing Innovation and has been certified by IBM with SaaS (Software as a Service) Specialty.
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Frequently Asked Questions about SaaS - Software as a Service
See the answers to the most frequent questions about SaaS. The new concept of using application software on a monthly subscription basis, as a service over the internet .
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