Our EON-Demand Clients
Today, more than 25 sales networks of large enterprises operate using our new service model. These networks - customers, entail a varying number of users in each network: from very few users (one - two) up to "hundreds" of users.

It is the new SaaS concept that allows both our customers and us, to have the software installed in a data center, not in each user's Personal Computer.

Every customer end every network of sales, has selected their own strategy. Obviously, we emphasize that the software is only one and it is unique in all cases. What is different is the location the software is installed.

Also in all cases, the software is provided as a service either from our Data Center as a public cloud offering or from the Data Center of the company of the given sales network, for other individual users / business partners such as dealers under a SaaS model. This is a private cloud concept.

The following, is a set of representative Case examples of our cooperation with some of our Clients.

Car Dealership Management System

Private Cloud

Our customer is the national distributor in Greece of a well known brand in the automotive sector. They have a network of 130 independent dealerships. The system supports 1500 online users, working daily, using Ε-ΟΝ RIX

3 tiers of offerings :

.....-- For the Importer (display the available cars, receive orders, manage warranties)

.....-- For the collaboration between Importer and Dealers

.....-- For the Dealers –> DMS = Dealer Management System

Each user can make full use of all available modules from Sales Orders and Sales Invoices to Purchase invoices, to General Ledger entries.

The system supports more than 120.000 car records and more than 140.000 spare parts records. Each day about 2500 invoices are produced online

The system has been globally Awarded by IBM as Best Industry Solution in 2008

Banking Portal / Sales Automation

Private Cloud

Our customer the German Bank operates in Greece and in many other countries around the world and provides financial products and services in the area of car financing. We were chosen by the Bank’s Headquarters in Germany to be their technology partner in Greece amongst a number of other competitors, when the Bank decided to begin its operations in the country.

The system includes "Front end" and "Back office" processes. It enables easy, cheap and effective communication with multiple points of sales, to receive loan applications, perform on line approval processes and execute other electronic transactions over the internet. All these transactions update the internal Bank systems as the General ledger and the central Data Base in order to produce reports for the Regulatory Authorities.

.....-- "Front" = Sales of Loans and Insurance

.....-- "Back" = General ledger and Financial Reporting

-- Installed all banking systems in 6 months.

-- We cooperated with business experts to ensure proper alignment of business practices in the new local Branch.

-- We applied security guidelines as per Central Bank of Germany requirements.

-- Linked with SAP in Germany.

The system has been globally Awarded by IBM as Best Industry Solution in 2009

Process Automation

Public Cloud

Our customer is the country distributor of a well known brand which produces and sells industrial equipment.

Uses E-ON RIX to record every new sales or lease activity, every step and action to be taken and the most important elements of each individual step such as dates, time to complete, technical and economic assessments, orders, documents etc. The application is available with no restrictions on time or location. .

.....-- Workflows of Sales and Leasing Activities

.....-- Information and support to users in order to conclude their tasks with no delays

.....-- Ensures that each step of sales, deliveries and customer training is carried out promptly and on time

.....-- Calender of tasks and Dashboards .

.....-- Reporting MIS

Connecting people over the web

Public Cloud

Our customer is a leading brand in the field of fashion and fragrances in Greece and globally.

They use E-ON HRM as a SaaS collaboration platform, to connect their Administration, their Sales Department and their sales persons who work in third parties beauty shops. The system serves four (4) Top Management people, forty three (43) Administration people, nine (9) Sale Managers, one hundred and eighty eight (188) Sales Persons, mostly distributed in various beauty shops (third party companies) outside the physical boundaries of the company.

.....-- Organized all personnel information in a more efficient way.

.....-- Simplified and automated the Sales Persons allocation procedure.

.....-- Provides reporting for Public Authorities, HR Department, Sales Managers and Top Management.

.....-- Provide a first level (Absence Management) of personnel self-service functionality.

.....-- The sales persons need only an internet connection.

Process Integration / Press

Public Cloud

Our customer publishes one of the best known daily financial newspapers. They also print on their premises third party newspapers.

The company uses E-ON RIX to manage Orders for Production, Orders for Publications and Subscription automating also the billing process and the generation of invoices. The system has integrated financial and accounting functionality in order to update general ledger accounts and customer records. It connects the Headquarters with the private printing facilities in Athens with the two branches and two representatives in other greek cities.

.....-- Production and Publication Orders are posted with all their details.

.....-- Billings are calculated automatically.

.....-- Work flows that enable employees to easily carry out their tasks.

.....-- Automated Subscription Management.

.....-- Collections and payments are processed on-line leading to real time updates of cash availability.

Our vision is to develop and promote innovative solutions and partner with visionary customers in their own way to achieve measurable results with the use of new ancillary technologies.
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Car Dealership Management

Case Study
Banking Portal / Sales Automation

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Process Automation

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Collaboration of People over the Web

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Process Integration / Press
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