Market conditions change.
Now is the time to change how you run your business.

Move to the world of cloud applications.
Manage your whole business over the web.
Make your business more agile and respond effectively to the current competitive environment.

Access real time reliable information where and when you need it.

Expand the boundaries of your business and connect it with the outside world.

Extend your reach to customers wherever they are located.

You only need an internet connection and a web browser.
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Are you an Accountant or Accounting Company...?
If you are an Accountant, you will enjoy some special privileges.
Access your customers' books anytime from wherever you are located and benefit from the use of our "eon-demand" E-ON RIX Business & Financials solution...
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Are you happy with your software?
Do you jump between applications?
Do you pay a lot for IT?
Our "eon-demand" applications will help you effectively run your business your Customer Relations and your Human Resources.
They will give you web access to real-time key information and data to help decision making.
They will extend collaboration between locations and business partners.
And they will decrease your IT costs.
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Business, Financial and CRM suite. Integrated functionality for Sales Automation, Project and Contracts Management, Accounting and CRM.
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A flexible, powerful application suite to connect people and processes. HRM, Process Management, Internal Audit, Surveys.

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Web Portal for the automation of sales of financial products through external business partner channels.

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A special CRM application for businesses that offer services in the field of beauty, wellness and fitness.

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