Company Profile

Our company started operations in October 1999.

Our vision is to help our customers achieve better bottom line results by utilizing the full extent of innovative information technologies and communications.

Our mission is to combine our long, valuable professional expertise with the latest technology trends and to continuously develop our peoples’ skills in order to create products and services that will be for our customers technology enablers for the improvement of their performance and their market position.

Since our foundation and until now we have run large and medium projects over 20 million and have also been indirectly involved in other projects of tens of millions.

We are IBM Advanced Partners, one of the largest technology companies in the world, so we enjoy special services and privileges provided by this large, international company. This know-how we in turn offer it to the benefit of our clients.

Since 2008 we pursue very strongly the cloud computing solutions. We have launched "SaaS - Software as a Service" market offerings to help our customers react to the crisis in a "think out of the Box" approach. Instead of investing in heavy duty servers, data centers, storage and network solutions, they can enjoy the use of our systems over the cloud.

We are greatly involved in the everyday business transactions of many of our customers, since we run for them key information systems.

Today a considerable number of companies, including ten sales networks of large enterprises, operate using our new Software as a Service model. These networks and customers, entail a varying number of users from very few up to hundreds.

Each customer and each network of sales, has selected their own strategy. For many of them we are greatly involved in their everyday business transactions since we run for them key information systems.

Our cloud computing customers come from various industries as Retail, Wholesale, Banking, Leasing, Press, Publications and more.
Our People
Our people hold degrees in Information Technology and Management. Most of them are experienced programmers and web developers. But more than this, we combine many dozens of years of actual experience in solving business problems and re-engineering business processes.
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Global Awards
We have been globally awarded for our products for three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 και το 2010.
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Areas of Interest
Our main areas of interest are the web, process automation and workflows.
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