Business and Financial Suite "eon-demand" for Accountants
"EON-DEMAND" Applications for Accountants

Functionality and Features


Universal definition of the accounts of General Ledger that will be updated for each fiscal document.
Completely "open" accounting rules. There are no restrictions in the journal entry you want to create.
Possible errors are displayed in Errors Reports. After being corrected they are "fed back" to the General Ledger, without any delays or any extra actions needed.
All the above are “invisible” to the unskilled user so there is a zero probability of error.
Qualified users may be authorized to make entries of fiscal documents straight into general ledger accounts.
The General Ledger Accounts are automatically updated after activation of the business applications.
For simple everyday tasks (eg invoices, public utilities bills), the user can choose whether to create simple journal entries or post them as fiscal documents in order to create “supplier transactions' account”.
Possible to keep multiple chart of accounts and journals (eg, General Accounting, Cost Accounting, non-accounting records, etc.).
Primary G / L updates, automatically update other journals. This process allows allocations as well (eg costs allocations).
Free definition of accounts (length in characters) and levels of aggregation - n-Grade Analysis (rollup, up to 4 levels).
Connection of accounts to persons, for statistical and reporting purposes.
Ability to delete an item before it is allocated in the Books.
Fiscal document connection with journal entry.
Production of all official financing reporting. These reports can also be produced by various "unofficial" criteria for management purposes.
Communication with external payment systems (e.g. transfer payments to banks).
Embedded Report Generator, for the production of reports besides the provided standard ones.
Allows statistical analysis of journal entries up to 6 different levels, fully parametric and defined by the user. .
Allows Budgeting.
Offers protection of “sensitive” accounts.


Person Account Statement
On-line person account statement (customer, supplier, partner etc.).
Entry, classification and management of all company´s relations, with various entities/persons either physical, legal or even “virtual” of various categories such as, Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Dealers, Employees etc.
Global view of each "person" (consolidated account statement).

On-line inventory updates (stocks, price lists, historical data).
Definition and maintenance of data for physical warehouses and items. Items may belong to various categories and classifications. At item level, it is possible to set multiple price lists (market, retail, wholesale etc). Definition of multilple types of stock (available stock, stock that belongs to third party, stock at third party etc). Ability to use various measurement units for each item for purchase, storage or for distribution.
On-line inventory transaction account statement.

Parametrical activation of all types and series of documents.
Entry of all types of fiscal documents such as, purchases, sales, handling, collections etc. Fiscal documents may also be used to compliment warehouse management since through them it is possible to update the status of various types of inventories.
Fiscal documents may be printed on plain "white paper". It is possible to print both transactional data of the document (item code, description, measurement unit, quantity, value, etc), as well as company data (logos, titles, address, etc).
Documents automatically update accounting.
On-line one click access to journal entries with.

Fixed Assets
Classification of multiple types, categories and subcategories, each of which defines the basic elements of depreciation of each fixed asset.
Ability to post Assets and then post Improvements and Expansions which constitute independent Assets with their own "history".
Multiple types of assets' situations are defined parametrically (handling, sale, destruction, etc). Each one has its own features, which respectively affect the asset.

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