If your business is a provider of services, then there are a number of issues relating to the contracts you sign with customers. These are both management issues and day to day operation of the business issues. Since what you “sell” is "working hours" you should ensure that the hours you and your staff spend are accurately recorded, nothing is "forgotten" and you can easily and quickly sum them up when the time comes to charge them

Of course, these contracts also set your obligations towards your customers. When must a task be done? When should an action be repeated? Who is the most appropriate employee to execute each task? What issues did you face concerning a specific customer and what did you do to resolve them? These are some of the questions our E-ON RIX Contracts application will help you to answer.

More specifically the system distinguishes the various processes and gives answers to the following issues:

Contract Management

Entry and creation of the Contract file (with phases and tasks, if the contract is associated with a project and project management is required – see E-ON RIX PROJECTS ), with details, among other data, of the begin and end dates and the billing dates of installments that may have been agreed.
Each contract is linked to the specific people that will execute it and their hourly billing rates.
Attachment of documents so there is a complete electronic file for each contract and of any changes or extensions.
Automated billing of installments when these are «mature», through an approval workflow (which only after final approval allows an invoice to be issued). Control reports for this process.
Invoices can be issued on various levels of analysis (i.e. by customer, by customer and contract etc.).
The management of a contract associated with a project can be a part of the project management. This means that if both contract and project management is required you only need one system!

Time Reports

Time reports or time sheets by employee, by date, by contract and if required by project.
Calculation of real chargeable hours, payroll chargeable hours (ie up to 8 per day), billing hours or free of charge hours.
Automated controls of missing or incomplete records (i.e. who has not entered time report for 8 hours in a working day).
Option to link time reports with specific customer requirements (tickets).
Automated billing of time reports, through an approval workflow as with the billing of installments.
Invoices can be issued on various levels of analysis (i.e. by customer, by customer and contract etc.)


If the services you provide include also support services offered to satisfy customer requests (ad-hoc or on-call etc.), then our ticketing subsystem will enable you to associate these requests with the relative contracts.
The customer requests (tickets) may be entered in an approval workflow, in which also the customer may actively participate (i.e. approval of budget by the customer, approval of technical analysis etc.) This is possible by email – or even better through the application portal. Your customer may in fact use the system and execute tasks which you have authorized.
Analysis of hours required to satisfy each request and addition of more clarifications if needed (when asked by customer).
Attachment of documents or other details which may concern your own internal process or your customer (clarifications etc.).
The customer can create the request (ticket) if you allow it. By allowing your customer to use the system you offer one more service and at the same time you are relieved of a part of the request's management process (telephone communication, creation of the support request by your own customer support department etc.).
Questions and answers feature in each request file (ticket) to accomodate clarifications from both parties. This saves you the trouble of interacting with the customer through employees' email accounts and the danger of loosing or not taking into accounta important points or data or discussions exchanged with employees of the customer. .
Various reports and statistical data concerning the status, the number and the financials of the requests (tickets).

See as a graph how the modules and functionalities of E-ON RIX work together.

All the above are a part of our E-ON RIX suite, which also includes Business, Financial and CRM functionality if you want to ugrade your relationship with your customers to the «next level».

The commercial and financial management of your business becomes an integrated collaboration platform, accessed through a web browser.
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Manage the Relationships with your customers and suppliers from anyplace, anytime through the web.
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Provides the web technology to create, display, manage, link and share all the information required for the successful management and coordination of a project.
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