More on our "eon-demand" applications
Applications that give you all the functionality you need to effectively run your business over the web.

They have been developed by our company with the most innovative internet technologies and cloud computing infrastructures as the result of many years of experience of our people in various business environments and the application of best business practices.

They will cover in the best integrated manner all your business needs but they will go beyond this, as extended application platforms to give you more power of collaboration with your external business relations, your Customers and Partners.

They are flexible and customizable to your own business needs and the needs of a constantly changing business environment.

Since "eon-demand" applications are offered as Software as a Service they will cost up to 80% less than traditional applications installed in your premises.

We Deliver Results

We are committed to stand by our customer. We are a strong team of technology and business consultants with many years of experience in various environments. Our team will make sure that not only the software works but your business gets tangible and measurable benefits at the bottom line.

Business Benefits

Collaborative Environment

“Eon-demand” applications offer you a powerful collaborative working environment both in the boundaries of your own business and the outside world of your partners and customers, accessible anytime, anyplace.

They bridge the gap between various isolated information systems or information gathering practices with paper reports and manual processes.


They are flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your business. You can add users as you go, you can add more sites, or you can use more of the software functionality. All these are done with the use of parameters and there is no need for specialized IT personnel to set them up.

SaaS - Software as a Service Benefits

"Eon-demand" applications are offered as Software as a Service over the web. So they give you more advantages compared to on premises Software.

- 24X7 Anywhere Anytime Access.

- Cost Effectiveness.

- Real Value to Your Business.

- Security.

- Reduced Operating Costs.

- Our commitment.

We will return your investment immediatelly

You just pay one fixed price per user and all the system features are just one click away. No more fixed costs per year or per month. You stop paying for hardware, for IT or for licenses.

Your costs are fully variable and depend on the number of your users. They are affordable solutions that let you focus on your core business that makes your revenue, rather than taking care of your software.

No more investments in software licenses and hidden costs for updates and releases. You have always access at the most current version of your software application suite at all times.

Support Services

We are available for your support through hotline (in business hours) and we offer 24X7 web support through our Customer Support site.

We help you startup the system through various comprehensive methods. The price you pay per user includes initial activation of the system, initial users training and development of basic reporting. These services are all included in the initial start up fee and the monthly subscription fee per user.

At a reasonable fee, we can offer you customized trainings at your premises or ours. During these sessions we can also consult you on how to upload your initial files and convert from other systems and on how to design your forms, reports and business processes.

Business Benefits
Round the clock Collaboration and Communication. Flexibility and Expandability. Increased Productivity and Effectiveness. Lower Costs.
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SaaS - Software as a Service Benefits
Anyplace, anytime access, 24X7. Cost effective. Real value to your Business. Secure infrastructure.
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Frequently Asked Questions about SaaS - Software as a Service
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