SaaS - Software as a Service Benefits

“Eon-demand” are cloud computing applications are offered as Software as a Service over the web. So they give you more benefits compared to on premises Software.

They offer great value and a lot of benefits to your business whether it is big or small. There are many advantages if you have many locations, if some of your employees work out of office and if they need to access your business applications 24X7 from anywhere. Nothing is needed to be installed on users' PCs or in local servers.

24x7 Anywhere Anytime Access

“Eon-demand” applications are available on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You, your employees, your partners and your customers are actually able to use its functionality with no restriction of location or time.

Our Business and Financial suite will be extremely useful to you if you engage external accountants. They will have internet access to your accounting data from their own premises.

Our HRM suite will add value to your business since it is a self service application and your employees can use it with no restriction of location and time and be responsible for the accuracy of the data they themselves post.

Your management team will have access to key critical information anyplace anytime.

Your suppliers and your customers will be able to have internet access to your applications if you allow them to and give them access to certain processes and flows in order to streamline and automate your interactions with them.

Cost Effective Solutions

You just pay us one fixed price per real - named user and you have all the system features one click away. No more fixed costs per year or per month for your software. No more paying for Hardware, for IT services, for Licenses, for Upgrades.

And if you want to expand your business you pay as you go paying only for as many users you really want to add. You don’t have to purchase more expensive editions of your software.

Real Value to Your Business

We deliver value to your business since you take advantage of much more expensive and complete software and services at a substantially lower cost, than the one which you would pay with traditional on premise solutions. For your Business, Accounting and CRM needs, or your HRM needs you would need more than one solutions installed in more than one locations or departments of your company and they would need interfaces to exchange information and data.

Consider also how many servers, security and firewalls, you could afford to run in premises, comparable to the price of our SaaS offering which is predictable and manageable.


Our“eon-demand” applications are hosted in a Data Center that complies to all security measures and rules. Your transactions and data are secure. They are transferred through the Internet with encryption and authentication techniques.

We are responsible for the safety of your data and we take Back ups on a regular basis according to our service level agreement. Also, for your security, information about all transactions and accesses to the system are properly logged and available to your administrators.

Our Commitment

We sign with you a "clear" and effective Service Level Agreement – SLA.

We commit ourselves that you will at all times have the latest release of your “eon-demand” applcation, available up and running. You will not have to pay for any upgrades.

Business Benefits
Round the clock Collaboration and Communication. Flexibility and Expandability. Increased Productivity and Effectiveness. Lower Costs.
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