Company: Areas of Interest

Our main areas of interest are the web, process automation and workflows.

Since we were founded in 1999 we develop products which we consider "technology enablers". Products that enable our customers, companies large or small to achieve operational restructuring.

Our user friendly applications provide real-time integrated services and connect the company, its people, customers and suppliers, with the required security.

One of our main line of operations is the creation and promotion of commercial solutions. In this concept, our company has developed E-ON RIX, Retail Internet eXchange, a software application platform/portal which covers the needs of the retail and wholesale business. It is a Sales Force Automation Tool and a full Commercial and Financial Application Software.

We are also active in other sectors of the economy, the most important of which is the Banking Sector. E-ON EPI-Enterprise Process Integration, our Banking solution is an innovative web workflow application platform for "Loan origination and Approval". EPI facilitates both the user interface "front - end" functionality entirely over the internet, but also the "Back office" internal workflows. Both RIX and EPI, have embedded CRM - Customer Relationships Management functionality, so the user can incorporate all customer related activities in one platform. Besides these we have undertaken projects and developed web solutions for central government and public organizations, for food and beverage companies, in publishing, media and other sectors.

Our software covers a wide range of operational management needs for both companies and organizations. Because it is based on components - modules, it is flexible and customizable to fit each organization, according to its needs. The standard required modules cover the handling of billing, customers - suppliers, warehouses, etc.

Accounting and financial functions are fully integrated, so our software is able to produce the final result of each transaction, as reflected in the balance sheet and income statement.

These two statements are provided on line – real time as well as a range of other ready to use management reports. All these give our software strong MIS features.

At this point we should also refer to our CRM – Customer Relationships Management module which is fully integrated to all system functionality and modules. This way the CRM user makes full use of the system capabilities and has a powerful CRM available without leaving the main application platform. The user can view all the transactions of a specific customer, create promotional campaigns, send SMS's and e-mail's, all of these through the same system. Furthermore the user can see on-line real time the results of all these activities.

Besides the standard basic editions of the Software we offer specialized industry solutions for Car Dealers and Importers, Retail Banking, Insurance Brokers, Leasing Companies, Press.

All our software is designed and developed based on best practices, solely by our people and investments.

The total investment on software development is about $ 1.5 million for the last 6 years. This is why our company is totally in control of the software and is able to adjust it to meet current market requirements and enhance it without delays and dependencies on other companies.
Our People
Our people hold degrees in Information Technology and Management. Most of them are experienced programmers and web developers. But more than this, we combine many dozens of years of actual experience in solving business problems and re-engineering business processes.
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Global Awards
We have been globally awarded for our products for three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 και το 2010.
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"Eon-demand" applications are the future of business software. Enjoy Lower costs for IT up to 80%. Access critical information about your business anyplace, anytime, you need it through the web.
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