E-ON EPI - Retail Bank

A full featured web Sales Force Automation system for Financial Products and not just a workflow system that receives applications which are sent to the Bank or Insurer for further processing.

E-O EPI helps sales persons of credit or insurance products and credit cards, other than bank - employees, to answer questions and calculate various scenarios in the presence of prospective customers. It helps them form quotes based on scenarios and calculators according to the choices made ​​by the prospective customers.

It covers a broad range of retail Banking Products like Consumer Loans, Mortgage Loans, Credit Cards, Leasing, Factoring and more as well as Insurance products.

An application posted through E-ON EPI, may contain more than one products for example a combination of a Finance and an Insurance product.


Easy menu - selling functionality for F&I products to enhance the selling process.

Ready to use generic credit application forms for financing options and ability to create customized forms to suit each Bank or Insurer.

Ability to present the preferred products and packages to customers, calculate gross profit for each payment option and rework payments during the sales process.

Ability to create proposals and quotes ready for printing.

Automatically prepares contract forms for laser printing on white paper.

Deal, customer records and general ledger are seamlessly and automatically updated.

Any combination of requirements can be met by E-ON EPI Retail Bank

Embedded Risk Management Rules

E-ON EPI can meet the demand for instant credit, because it executes more than 10 automated processes for credit approval according to the Risk Management rules of each Bank. For example one of our clients takes 20 minutes to respond to a request for credit, posted through E-ON EPI, by a big retailer.

Examples of such Risk Management "rules" are:

Inquiries about past or present relationships between the Bank and an existing or prospective Customer.

Inquiries on Data Bases for Bad Loans .

Inquiries on telephone directories to confirm that Customer's address is true.

Inquiries on databases to confirm that personnal or financial data given by the Customer are true.

Inquiries on the Bank's databases to check if the Customer had any previous collaboration for other products or services.

Other controls (on the conditions and details of the Application or the relations with the specific Customer).

Workflow tool

E-ON EPI is a powerful workflow tool that determines which path an application or a contract will follow, depending on conditions as:

Who posts the application (bank officer, risk management officer, retailer, car dealer, estate agent, small business for working capital, insurer and more).

What are the User Roles and the Authorizations of the person who posts the application. Depending on these - user role, authorizations - the system "grows or shrinks" allowing the end user to view and use only the allowed functionality.

The details of each application - which banking product, what amount is requested, whoi is the applicant/customer.

If there are special agreements with dealer networks or other cooperating companies like supermarkets and retailers for special interest rates or conditions.

Best Business Practices

E-ON EPI incorporates extensive business logic and Best Banking Practices. This is probably the most valuable offering of our solution. Such Best Business Banking Practices are:

A powerful "Product Factory" tool which allows each Bank to define the products parametrically (not by programming and coding).

A range of ready to use forms and documents such as applications, contracts, orders to lawyers, engineers or retailers, forms for campaigns, collection notifications and more.

History of interest rates, special conditions and more.

Calculations of retailers' commissions, lawyers' and engineers' expenses, settlement of liabilities to them.

Hundreds of informative statements - printouts or online, with lots of filtering options, where each user chooses to retrieve the required information.

Worklfow for Collections

There is a special built-in workflow for collections for overdue loans. This workflow automates "Actions", "Calendar", "Reminder and Notification Documents" (1st, 2nd, 3rd, lawyer), and in general it adapts collection actions depending on the profile and conditions of each Customer.
At the same time it automates actions that lead to increased productivity and controls. These process can be assigned to a call center.

From the above it is obvious that E-ON EPI is not just a workflow tool but a full featured system for Retail Banking processes concerning sales and management of Banking products.

We have installed E-ON EPI - Retail Bank to four banks. Two of them specializing on car loans, one in mortgage loans and one in consumer loans. δύο It is also used by a large chain of supermarkets.

In 2009 E-ON EPI - Retail Bank was named “BEST INDUSTRY SOLUTION” in IBM Lotus Awards.

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