E-ON EPI - Benefits

Ε-ΟΝ EPI has been developed with Internet and Cloud innovative technologies. A Financial Institution has two options:

Either to install it in their own premises and develop their own private "cloud" for their business partners and their sales network or

they can use it from our own secure public "cloud" as a "SaaS - Software as a Service" solution. If they choose the second option they will not have to make any investment in any kind of hardware or software, but they will have their own secure space on our own servers since E-ON EPI is a multi tenant solution and they will pay a monthly subscription fee per user.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Ε-ΟΝ EPI offers a true collaborative environment both within the borders of the company and the outside world of business partners and customers.

It is a SALES TOOL which would enable the Bank to obtain more loans and other banking products through more and better cooperations with third parties. All sales channels have access and share the same current and valid information according to their authorizations.

All collaborate and communicate more effectively through a secure infrustructure. No more faxes and e-mails. No more double entries.

Automation, Productivity and Efficiency in everyday operations.


- Offers a robust and accurate Risk management, in order to MINIMIZE CREDIT RISK. Sets the foundations for a “Loan automated approval” process.

- A HOMOGENEOUS platform to serve all existing products and future ones.

- Integrates with the Bank’s existing BACK-OFFICE (if not use E-ON EPI as Back Office). No more double entries or "errors.

- Increased PROFITABILITY through a robust and fast credit approval process.

- A SCALABLE solution in terms of volume handling and security.

Lower Costs

- A FULLY WEB-ENABLED platform allowing affordable network expenses with external sales persons.

- Less paber based manual procedures.

- Less communications by faxes and telephones.

- Less double entries.


E-ON EPI offers Modular architecture, extended parameterization, User Authentication and Authorization. It supports Multi-sites and multi-countries. It is Flexible and Expandable and it easily accommodates new functionality and future enhancements or new modules. It is user friendly so minimum training is required. There is an Embedded Report Generator and Job Schedulers for Automated Flows Execution (i.e. End of Day procedures)

You can add more users or give more authorizations to existing users in a few minutes since there is no need to install any software on their PC's and there is no need for any local files or data bases.

You will decide how you want to use each application module to meet your own business needs and automatically the processes you set are available to all your business units and sales network.

Anytime, Anyplace Access

Ε-ΟΝ EPI is available on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You, your employees, your sales officers, your business partners and your customers are actually able to use its functionality with no restriction of geography or time since no one needs any special software installed on their PC or local servers.

And if you choose the option to use E-ON EPI through the public "cloud" installed on our own data center, as a Software as a Service solution you have even more to gain:

A cost effective solution

You just pay us one fixed price per real - named user and you have all the system features one click away. No more fixed costs per year or per month for your software. No more investment in Hardware, for IT Operations and for Licenses. All new versions of the software are automatically available to you.

And if you want to expand your business you pay as you go, paying only for as many users you really want to add. You don’t have to purchase higher editions of your software.

Real Value to Your Business

We deliver value to your business since you take advantage of much more expensive and complete software and services at a substantially lower cost, than the one which you would pay with traditional on premise solutions.

Compare the cost of such software to the price of our SaaS offering which is predictable and manageable.


Our “eon-demand” solutions are hosted in a Data Center that complies to all security measures and rules. Your transactions and data are secure. They are transferred through the Internet with encryption and authentication techniques. Only authorized users have access to the application. Their authorizations i.e. what they can or cannot do in the system what they can or cannot access, are defined by you – the system administrator- with parameters. Users have a unique password and we also use strong authentication techniques.

We are responsible for the safety of your data and we take Back ups on a regular basis according to our service level agreement. Furthermore, for your security, information about all transactions and accesses to the system are properly logged and available to your administrators.

Real Return On Investment

Our customers Banks and Loan Institutions that have installed E-ON EPI have enjoyed over the past years measurable ROI.

- 30% - 50% reduced processing effort due to flexible workflow environment and automated procedures.

- 20 % savings from the reduction of paper based procedures.

- 20% - 40% increased users’ productivity from multiple “processes” execution environment and elimination of human errors

- 15% reduced training costs due to universal system with uniform GUI easy to deploy and support.

- Win market share by quick offering of new products (parametrically formed) and by offering products directly at the POS.

In current circumstances, what matters more for banks is the flexibility to respond quickly to market demands, offering new retail banking products and the opportunity of promoting such products from more channels beyond the traditional bank branches.
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Make the internet one more channel for sales.
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Drive your business to the future of "cloud" applications and offer your customers innovative services such as the management of corporate fleets, through a user-friendly internet environment.
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