E-ON EPI - Enterprise Process Intergration
Collaboration, Interaction and Automation of Sales,
that extend beyond the borders of the Company to include its Business Partners and Customers.

E-ON EPI, changes the way a Bank or a Financial Organization approaches the market to sell their products and how their employees communicate, collaborate and interact with each other and with the organization's business partners, suppliers and customers.

E-ON EPI is a Sales Force Automation system for Financial products.

It aims to help the sales person of Financial products to address a prospect customer and present scenarios or answer questions concerning loans, cards, insurance, and more from anyplace and anytime. It helps the sales person to form spontaneous quotes and proposals based on the choices made ​​by the prospect customers as a result of the scenarios and calculators provided by the system.

It is a cloud application platform.

That serves many networked users for functions performed over the internet, by the various departments of a Bank or Financial Organization, by its business partners (ie merchants, dealers, agencies, companies etc.) and by its customers.

It is a fully customizable parametric tool.

That allows quick development of a "cloud" Portal for access to knowledge, information and applications while linking the front office processes and back office to the main legacy systems.

It is a front-end and back office system platform.

That covers specialized business functions that are not covered by the company’s Main Systems.

It is a workflow management platform.

This means that it functions and adapts accordingly to the workflow needs of each company.

It is a document management application.

It is a CRM application for the management of information related to customers and the management of all sales and marketing activities.

Innovative Internet and Cloud Infrastructure Technologies

ON-EPI has been entirely developed with Internet and Cloud Infrastructure technologies. This means that a Bank or Financial organization can either install it in their own premises and develop their own "private cloud" for their business partners and their sales network, or they can access it from our totally secure "public cloud" environment as "SaaS - Software as a Service" application. If they choose the "public cloud" option they will not have to invest in any kind of hardware or software, but they will reserve their own secure space on our servers and will pay a monthly subscription fee per user.

Best Practices

Besides the advantages of Ε-ΟΝ EPI that result from it being either a "private cloud" or "public cloud" offering and a SaaS - Software as a Service application, what makes it really special and different from other similar workflow management tools is that it contains embedded business logic and best practices for ready to install workflows that can be used immediately by Banks and Financial Organizations.

Workflow and decision management techniques . Flexible and adaptable approval processes.
Ready routines to interface with main systems or third parties databases for the exchanging of data.
Wide range of Documents and Forms with formatting flexibility, to use in the various statuses of the workflows. (quotes, applications, contracts, notices, and more).
Ready to use Reports (management, informative, etc.).
Parametric management of Business Rules, Documents and Forms and Relationships.
Embedded documentation of users and applications. Printable users’ manual and help functionality on each view.
Capability of the users to enter more comments at their discretion on the help text on each screen.

Portal Advantages

E-ON EPI is a Portal through which all users have access to information, receive instructions, ask questions, and more. It provides a common virtual space for all the (authorized) users to access and retrieve information and documents made ​​public through the system. The distribution of documents such as circulars, procedure manuals, promotional material etc. to all users is direct and without any cost for the organization.

Portal features:

Authorized users can create new entries. Ability to attach documents to each new entry.

Authorized users can access existing documents and download them.

In current circumstances, what matters for banks is the flexibility to respond quickly to market demands by offering new retail banking products. It is also the ability to promote these products from channels other than the traditional bank branches.
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A new approach to selling insurance products.
Give your sales people on-line access to the knowledge they need anytime, anyplace.
Make the internet one more sales channel.
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Drive your business to the future of "cloud" applications and offer your customers innovative services such as the management of corporate fleets, through a user-friendly internet environment.
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Why a "cloud" application?
Because it offers you business and financial benefits that you can not get with traditional applications.
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