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The Insurance Industry has experienced most challenging times lately. Globalization and new business models lead to increased competition. Insurance Companies can not ignore the new business models that the expansion of the internet has created and continue to operate with traditional models. They are instead obliged to reengineer their operation models and achieve better productivity through a global digital infrastructure.

E-ON EPI is an internet application platform that can serve many groups of networked users for functions performed by various company Departments or points of sales and by its partners, suppliers or customers. For the Insurance companies it provides the technology to create, display, manage, change, link and share all the information required to coordinate all sales channels of insurance products, the sales through internet inclusive.

It provides a web platform that enables the Insurance Company to improve customer services and so their satisfaction and maintain and grow customer loyalty, sustaining its competitive edge in today's marketplace.

It gives the Insurance Company the flexibility to respond rapidly to ongoing changes in customer demands and market opportunities and offer in time innovative insurance products in order to stay ahead of competition.

E-ON EPI Insurance has built-in workflow functionality for filing applications and follow approval processes. It enables seamless communication between the various points of the company that execute transactions, its central systems and third party systems. Data and information are kept in a central database accessible to all authorised users.

The difference of e-On EPI Insurance from other similar software workflow management applications is the embedded business logic and best business practices of the insurance industry. This way the Insurance Company gets real value from our experience and the standardized parameters of insurance products, processes and workflows and doesn’t have to start from point zero to work with a general tool which will need extensive parameterization in order to meet the company’s special needs and goals.

Ε-ΟΝ EPI Insurance has been developed with innovative internet and cloud application technologies. So the Insurance Company can either install it in premises and develop its own private "cloud" for its partners and sales network or can use it from our secure public "cloud" as a "SaaS - Software as a Service" offering. If the second option is chosen there is no need for any investment in any kind of hardware infrastructure or software. The company will have its own secure space on our servers and will pay us with a subscription fee per user.


Improve the flow of applications from the agents or other points of the sales network.
Reduce or totally eliminate circulation of paper.
Accelerate the issuance of contracts and the allocation of revenue for the company.
Improve clientele tracking and give more cross selling power to the sales network.
Improve communication and collaboration between the agents and the company concerning the exact status of an Application.
Create electronic files with as many as possible attachments - documents in digital form.
Extent the system functionality to the internet - file applications and follow status - and allow access to customers or other parties that transact with the company.



Create digital Quotes for Insurance products. Various forms to accommodate various products.
Automatic calculations based on special algorithms.
Track clientele and Cross Selling proposals and actions.


Automated Applications Workflows.
Attachments of documents.


Contracts printouts and automatic designation of Contract Number.


Proposed actions and follow-up workflows based on the history of actions for each contract.


File digital Applications for Claims, automated updates on the status of open cases, missing documents and more.
On line real time communication with agents and partners. Customer files, Reviews, Estimations of damages and more.

In current circumstances, what matters for banks is the flexibility to respond quickly to market demands by offering new retail banking products. It is also the ability to promote these products from channels other than the traditional bank branches.
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Why a "cloud" application?
Because it gives you business and financial benefits that you can not get with traditional applications
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