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More and more companies and professionals recognize the advantages of car leasing and they seek for new and advanced related services such as ability to manage the company's fleet, to make changes in the leasing terms, to manage car services (routine and occasional) and more.

Ε-ΟΝ EPI Leasing was developed with all this in mind. Our deep knowledge of the car retail industry has led to a system that covers extensive functionality and gives competitve advantage to a Leasing Company of any size.

It provides a web platform that enables the Leasing Company to improve its services to clients and increase their satisfaction in order to maintain the level of competitiveness in the market.

It provides the flexibility to respond to changes concerning customer requirements and market opportunities in time in order to provide services and solutions, before the competition does.

The collection and dissemination of information in real time provides an accurate view of each customer's value and related risks and allows efficient management.

E-ON EPI Leasing in brief.

The difference of E-On EPI Leasing from other similar workflow management applications of the competition is that it has been developed to incorportate Best Business Practices of the Car Leasing industry.

This way, the company gains from our collective experience and has available various standards for transactions and processes. There is no need to start from zero to customize a generic tool in order to meet the specific requirements of the leasing business.

Best Practices

Front office sales processes for leasing products in the presence of the customer - quotes, scenarios and more.
Pre set statuses and workflows, workflow management and decision making techniques, flexible and adaptable approval processes (automated , semi automated or manual).
Ready interface routines with external databases for retrieval of information and data.
A range of special documents/forms to be used in each status of the workflows by each user inside or outside the Leasing Company ( applications, quotes, contracts, notifications etc.)
Ready to use reports ( management, informational, etc.) with the use of embedded report generator.
Rules, forms, relationships management, commissions etc.
Full documentation for users and applications. Printable users’ manual and help functionality on each view.
Capability to post more comments on the help text on each view by the users.


Optimizes the flow of requests from locations and persons engaged in sales.
Reduction or even elimination of paper handled.
Accelerates the issuance of contracts and allocation of revenues for the Company.
Better tracking of clientele and ability for Cross Selling by the Company's sales network.
Better communication between sales network and administration on the exact status of a Customer case .
Adds value to the Company's collaboration with the sales network.
Creates electronic file for each Customer case, with the fullest possible documentation in digital form (always as attachments)
Possibility to give internet access to individuals dealing with the Company to post applications and review status.

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