Make your customers feel unique.
Differentiate from competition and grow your business.

InStyleApp is a CRM application developed especially for those who provide services in the field of beauty, wellness and fitness.

It is a subscription based service with access from any location and anytime with no geographical or time restrictions.

Access your CRM application remotely, from your PC or laptop or tablet and learn real time what your employees or your customers are doing even if you are away from your business premises.

SMSs to Customers

Send SMSs to your customers with greetings about their birthday or name day or inform them about the special offerings you have just for them or even invite them to like you on Facebook.

Management of Appointments & Equipment

Efficiently manage your appointments with a flexible calendar including availability of employees or equipment. Specify specialized services and match them with employees and resources.

Extensive Reporting

Track the progress of your business at a glance with reporting that gives you information about the performance of your customers, your employees or your equipment.

No commitments

Use it as much as you need it. No commitments and support contracts, Stop using it whenever you like without loosing your data. And again, if you want to use it in the future, you are welcome to do so.

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Contact me the soonest possible to schedule a demo of your "eon-demand" appllications.
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