The Company: People

Our knowledge capital, is collectivelly possesed by our people.

This is our most valuable asset, although not recorded in our Balance Sheet!

Our people hold degrees in Information Technology and Management. Most of them are experienced programmers and web developers. But more than this, we combine many dozens of years of actual experience with precious exposure to solving business problems, re-engineering business processes, automating old-fashion procedures, streamlining operations of many hundreds of companies in a variety of industries.

When a customer assigns to us to automate a process, we know exactly what needs to be done both theoretically and practically.

We do not just assign a young graduate to apply a text-book methodology on business process re-engineering.

We have done it many times to know very well how, when and what needs to be done.

Most important we know "why" it needs to be done, in order to achieve tangible benefits for the bottom line of the customers who entrusted to us their business challenge.

Global Awards
We have been globally awarded for our products for three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 και το 2010.
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Areas of Interest
Our main areas of interest are the web, process automation and workflows.
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More on "eon-demand" applications
"Eon-demand" applications are the future of business software. Enjoy Lower costs for IT up to 80%. Access critical information about your business anyplace, anytime, you need it through the web.
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Show me your "eon-demand" applications
Contact me the soonest possible to schedule a demo of your "eon-demand" appllications
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