E-ON RIX - Project Management

It is an innovative application that provides functionality for the administrative and financial management of projects and one single database for all parties involved. It is a tool for better coordination of assignments, schedules, costs and revenues.

All critical information concerning each project is available over the internet anyplace, anytime in order to support decision making:

Persons and Tasks
Budgeting for Costs and Revenues
Terms and schedules of collections
Detailed cost transactions
Progress statuses
Time reporting per person
Recording and tracking of pending actions and other activities
Scheduling of reminders relevant to the project or to individual tasks


Each project can be assigned to companies or individuals that contribute to its cost but also to its revenues.

Each one of the above companies or individuals can participate in one or more sections / tasks / activities of each project.

Each person's time on the project is recorded and reported as cost and as accrued revenue.

Financial Data / Budgeting

At all times project managers have access to the current financial status of each project as a total or in detail by segment, phase, and task.

Documents of transactions with third parties (purchace invoices, expense sheets, etc.) can be posted into the system to participate in calculations of the costs and progress of the project.

These documents also update inventory accounts and can be used to form purchase orders.

Each project manager can view a complete cost analysis of tasks at any level as required.

Cost Analysis may be independant or associated to the General and Detailed Accounting from which it pulls primary cost elements. Cost Analysis can reflect both budget and real costs.

The system supports budgeting based on tasks and phases, revisions of budgets and project completion rates.

Project Status

The project status appears either in numbers or in descriptive status, according to each company’s Business Model (eg, " Budgeting", "For approval", "Active", "Completed", etc.).

Various analysis filters are available to project managers (by day, by individual, by project segment or entire project / task) to view the project status at all times.

The commercial and financial management of your business becomes an integrated collaboration platform, accessed through a web browser.
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Manage the Relationships with your customers and suppliers from anyplace, anytime through the web.
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If you provide services you need E-On Contracts to ensure that you perform your obligations to your customers promptly and that your hours are accurately recorded and charged.
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