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Ε-ΟΝ RIX Business & Financials suite transforms the business and financial application software of your company to an integrated collaboration platform, accessed through a web browser.

On-line real time access to key critical information and data.
A powerful collaborative working environment both inside the boundaries of your own business and the outside world of your partners and customers.
Built in CRM functions, in the day-to-day processes, allow for a “360-degree view" of all customer data and customer interactions.
Streamlines and Automates Processes.
Cloud Computing Infrastructure that offers you secure, anywhere, anytime access to your application platform.
Substantially lower IT costs up to 80% because you don't make any investments in software, hardware, middleware and data bases.
No more investments in higher editions of your software if your business expands. Use as much of E-ON RIX as you need with our monthly subscription fee per user.

The new market conditions require more than a traditional ERP.

E-ON RIX Business & Financials is a full featured, flexible Financial and Business application suite.

But it is more than this since Orders, Purchases, Sales, Inventories are completely integrated to allow access to real time information and support your business decision process.

E-On RIX Business & Financials automates procedures throughout all your company channels. This means the whole business operates in real time mode.
More efficiency for employees. They act faster and smarter.
Better service for Customers.
Optimization of ordering and billing, handling and fulfillment process.
Automatic updates of inventories.
On line real time access to inventories by your sales department and officers.
Optimization of stock circulation that leads to better management of costs.
Better cooperation with suppliers.

The most important feature is the built-in CRM functionality for integrated Customer management across all business processes and channels and coordinated marketing activities.

E-ON RIX Business & Financials is developed with innovative internet and cloud infrastructure technologies. It is installed in a Data Center and all users have secure access to it over the web. So there is no requirement for any software installation on the users' devices and there is no need to keep any kind of databases or files locally.

Ε-ΟΝ RIX Business & Financials is an open system that interfaces both with external systems and with other company's applications for the exchange of data.

Why do we propose to you to move up to the cloud and the SaaS applications with Ε-ΟΝ RIX Business & Financials?

Because it offers to your business integrated functionality, real time access to information and enhanced productivity. These are key factors for any business large or small that wants to be competitive in current times.

Because it is a full featured, flexible and innovative application suite with functionality to process all your business transactions. There is no double entry of any event or transaction at any stage. All modules work together in a seamless way and automatically and continuously exchange data and update Sales, Inventory and Customer records. All transactions automatically update the General Ledger and the Financial Reports.

With one or two "clicks" you can access all information without returning back to the main menu, jumping between multiple applications or consolidating data from Excel sheets.

Because Ε-ΟΝ RIX Business & Financials provides everything you need to help you stay on top of your business and make more informed decisions. Just what you need in the current market situation.

Real time visibility across your entire business whether you have one or multiple locations.
It is built on cloud computing infrastructure so it is accessible anytime anyplace through a web browser. No restrictions of location or time. No need to download any software on PC's or local servers. It is a true cloud computing solution.
Effective collaboration throughout all business units.
Real time, accurate financial and administrative information through access to an integrated platform that gathers data and information from across the whole business.
Reduction of paper for faxes, paper forms, paper invoices etc. .
Improves effectiveness from streamlining and automating business processes.
Better stock circulation. Optimization of orders handling and fulfillement. Optimization of inventory management.
Manages all customer transactions and interactions: from marketing to sales and after sales
Manages all suppliers transactions and interactions. Provides B2B functionality.

It is extremely useful for your business if: :

You have multiple locations. E-ON RIX provides global visibility of all aspects of your business across all locations in real time, ensuring consistent management. You will not need any expensive telecommunication network and specialized solutions of equipment and networking or local applications software that would require manual transfers and exchanges of files in order to integrate all information in a “central data base”.
Your employees work out of office or you have a sales network. Or you even need your business partners to access your applications. Every authorized person can access information, see sales and marketing activities, offer quotes, place orders, see transactions and inventories, retrieve reports and much more, anytime from anyplace by just using the browser on their devices.
You are a global company with activities around the world and you need consolidated reporting and accounting. Everything is integrated and there is no need to make any interfaces to collect data.

Technology and Architecture:

E-ON RIX Business & Financials is developed in robust IBM Technologies. The workflow environment is Lotus Domino and the Data Base is DB2.
All features and functionality are viewed and processed through any internet browser. No local software is needed on client PC or local servers.
It is simple to use, offers “walking through” menus, with the use of Hyperlinks.
Connectivity and integration with external systems is no problem with the use of all techniques available, such as Domino DECS, ODBC, XML, etc.
It is fully Parametrical, Flexible and Customizable and it offers Ease of Maintenance.
It is fully Secure through the use of several security management techniques, incl. unique password and user-assigned roles authorizing them to execute predefined specific workflows and functionality.

Industry Solutions:

Retail and Wholesale

Vehicles (Importers, Dealers, Service, Parts).

Machinery (Importers, Dealers, Service, Parts).

Press & Publishing

Parkings Management Companies

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E-ON RIX Business & Financials
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