"Eon-demand" applications for Companies
Are you tired of spending precious time on software installations and managing servers?
Move up to the cloud now …

Enjoy Lower costs for IT up to 80%.
Access critical information about your business anyplace, anytime, you need it over the web.

Move to "eon-demand".

"Eon-demand" applications provide everything you need to manage your business, your Customer Relations and your Human Resources. They give you web access to real-time key information and data to help decision making.

They automate and streamline procedures across all your business channels.</b>] This means your business operates in real time
and employees act faster and smarter while they serve your customers better.

They are open systems that may interface with external systems and other internal industry specific systems to exchange data.

They offer you all the advantages you need:.

They provide integrated financial, commercial and CRM management which is not achieved with the installation of stand alone financial or ERP applications.

They provice full administration of Human Resources, objectives and projects / tasks which is not achieved with stand alone HRM systems or KPI and Project Management systems.

They substantially reduce IT costs for maintenance and upgrades as required by traditional application software.

They are fully parametrical so they are flexible and adaptable in the specific needs of each business.

"Eon-demand" applications have been developed with the most innovative Cloud Computing technologies and are offered as SaaS - Software as a Service solutions. This means that these solutions are web accessed with a subscription fee per user and there is no need to purchase any software or hardware, middleware or databases.

SaaS pricing is a pay as you go concept so the company uses as much of the software it needs and pays for as many users it has. There is no need for upgrades to higher editions if the business expands.

Which businesses should move to "eon-demand" cloud applications?

"Eon-demand" cloud applications are right for every kind of business, small or big, products or services. They are right for any company that needs a flexible innovative software with a lot of functionalities and facilities for data entry, on line queries, integrated 360 degree customer views, elimination of “paper” based activities. Or for any company that wants on-line realtime access to all key information and data without the need to go in and out through the menus or multiple software applications or moving from one working environment to another or need to transfer files with Excel sheets from one application to another. For every kind of business that wants to reduce IT costs up to 80%.

Moving to the cloud is the best option though if the company:

Has many locations that must be connected and would need either an expensive telecommunication network and specific solutions of equipment and networking or local applications software that would require manual transfers and exchanges of files in order to consolidate all business and financial information in a “central data base”.

Many of its employees work out of office or has external business partners that need to have anytime, anyplace access to the company's applications, information and transactions.

Advantages provided by "eon-demand" applications.

Up to 80% reduction of IT costs. Pricing on subscription and pay as you go basis.

Reduction of paper for all kinds of documents as forms, faxes, invoices and more.

Efficiency. Less manual processes, no double entries, no jumping from one application to another.

Less energy consumption for the cooling of computers and servers.

Less commuting.

Reduction of turnourd capital. Smaller intervals between orders, less stocks.

Better customer service. .

Ask for a demo and we can prove all these ….

Even more:

We are commited with an effective Service Level Agreement – SLA we sign with you.

You can start using the "eon-demand" applications anytime and stop using them whenever you want.

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