"EON-DEMAND" Applications for Accountants
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Access your customers' books anytime from wherever you are located.
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Do you waste precious time to commute, in order to obtain "paper" financial data or electronic files of various forms from each customer?
Are lack of time and long distances obstacles in the acquisition of new customers?
Are you disappointed with the current accounting software that needs continuous upgrades?

Now we have the solution for you in : www.eon-demand.com

A very good, flexible and innovative application software for Financial and Commercial Management. It offers you and your customers a lot of functionality, user friendly environment, on line queries, on-line General Ledger updates, single customers views, minimization of many "paper" based activities and elimination of double entries.

Manage all your customers from a central entry point through a common internet browser.

Access their data from your office, your home, from wherever you are located.

Do not depend on paper data or various kind of electronic files for which you need a lot of time to collect. You have direct on-line access to information and reports that allow you to answer immediately your customers' questions and offer them current advisory consulting and real time financial information.

Access the same "view" of financial information with your customers at the same time from wherever they or you are located and there is no need to exchange time-consuming fax and e-mails.

You do not have to care about upgrades for your customers' accounting software or yours because they and you, always have the same version since it is our duty and concern.

Dedicate more of your time to contact and interact with your customers and to provide them useful advice and less time in routine works.

SaaS - Software as a Service: A new way to access application software over the Internet.

Software is offered as a service and allows enterprises and organizations to use business applications without having to purchase the application (Software) and to invest in expensive infrastructures and computer equipment (Hardware).
The pricing of SaaS is monthly and depends on the number of users or the number of transactions executed - "on - Demand".

The value proposition of e-On Integration for accountants: www.eon-demand.com

The Service Model

Authorized users, practically unlimited in numbers, operate in a secure environment,
and execute any function, from their devices connected to the internet and a browser (no local software), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over the web

Innovative Technologies & Security

Secure Access
We have ensured that access of users in www.eon-demand.com is absolutely controllable. Users have a unique password to access the service and obtain automatically the authorizations that have been defined for them. There are different levels of users and each user can make transactions authorized only for their level. Apart from their password, users may be provided with special access certificates for "strong authentication".

Secure Infrastructure
The technological infrastructure that hosts www.eon-demand.com has been constructed in a way to ensure that you and your data enjoy the biggest possible security and confidentiality.
Public Data Center that operates with all security regulations (firewalls, secure servers etc) applied to big banks and organisations.
Automatic backup processes in order to ensure retrieval of your data even in cases of natural disasters.
Coded and encrypted data.

Our security policy is a continuous effort. We test our methods constantly in order to be consistent with the most current technologies and directions for data security. Skilled people are in charge of the data and systems security and protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Business Benefits for the Accountant
Anytime, anyplace, 24Χ7 access to your customers files and books through your web browser and much more.
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Features and Functionality
See some of the key features and functionality of our Business and Financial "eon-demand" application for Accountants.
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