QMARK is a cloud tool that enables you to collect and analyze information and data by creating web surveys and questionnaires:

Market Research
Analysis of Market Trends
Evaluations of Products
Evaluations of Services
Public Opinion Polls
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Complaints
Personnel Satisfaction
Evaluation of Personnel
Evaluation of Seminars or Training

Creation of Questionnaire / Survey

The creation of a questionnaire is a dynamic process concerning the appearance and functionality of each question and its relative answer. This way businesses can shape the questionnaires according to their specific needs in a matter of hours. Each questionnaire can include any number of questions and can provide many types of responses such as plain text or various types of multiple choice options. Answers can be specified as mandatory or optional.

Management Rules

It is possible to set one or more rules on each question. These rules regulate accordingly the behavior of the questionnaire.


Upon activation of the survey / questionnaire the author sets a time period or even multiple periods for the submission of responses. The number of questionnaires that may be submitted by a particular person is also set at this stage. This way the author can address the questionnaire / survey to a specific group of persons that have access to it with their own personal details (named participation) or to a group of persons that will have access to it with no requirement of personal details (public participation).


Invitations can be done either by the use of a QR code posted on prominent locations, by the use of a link on a website or facebook page, by SMS's to persons or groups of persons.

Processing and Statistics

The submitted questionnaires can be processed either during the specified period for submission or /and after the expiration of this period in order to produce statistical analysis by question or by various combinations of questions in graphical representations. Tables with scorings and evaluations of responses are also produced according to the rules set at the time of creation of the questionnaire.


The access of administrators and users to the surveys /questionnaires is absolutely controllable based on techniques that ensure the security of transactions. Each user has access according to preset rules. There are various levels of users and various levels of authorized transactions for each one of them. The cloud infrastructure that supports eon Surveys, ensures that each business and its data enjoy security and confidentiality.

Technology and Architecture

QMARK has been developed in robust IBM Technologies with the latest standards regarding the provision of services over the Web. The workflow environment is Lotus Domino and the Data Base is DB2.

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